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I am here!

Been busy trying to deal with my car. My insurance company is ripping me off on what they are paying me for it and because I decided to buy it back they are dropping me! Nothing like no car insurance. My car was moved to an autobody place and I am still awaiting to hear what the cost to fix it will be. I do not have the money to get a new one...

Got a letter from the DA and my case is going to court. The guy is being charged with aggravated assault and aggravated motor vehicle theft. Both in the first degree. I have to fill out this Victim Statement that will be used in court. Glad my voice will be heard and I hope he gets what he deserves! Will be a long process....

Snow day today! 4 years of working as a teacher and I finally have a snow day! Just a day to help me get rid of this stupid head cold! Would love to go sledding though....


Update on car

So here is an update:

I was watching the 9p.m. news last night and they had this story at the top of the hour about a stolen car that was being pursued that went after cops and was shot at. All they mentioned was it was a Subaru. I thought "hm, what are the odds it could be mine?" A neighbor called and said another station said it was a green Subaru. "Hm, I have a green Subaru...."

I jumped online and found a story about it but just mentions how the stolen car rammed a couple of cars when the cops were going after it and went driving towards the cops so they shot at it. So, I stayed up until 10 when all the news channels were on. Found one that showed the car.....IT WAS MINE! Had my sticker on it, dash cover, and license plate!!! Drivers side looked fine but then they panned over to the windshield and there were BULLET HOLES all over it!!! Apparently the suspects were shot and abandoned the car a few miles away. One suspect was caught because he showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounds.

I was up ALL night! Waiting for the cops to call...they never did. I called them this morning with no answers...all they said was it was still listed as stolen. Finally got a detective to call me back around lunch and confirmed it was my car. They have to go through it for evidence and get the bullets out...then it's mine. Oh joy! Nothing like finding your car by watching the news and seeing it damaged! UH!

News story is on www.cbs4denver.com go to the video link on the right side and click on local news. Scroll a little to the right and it is the story about the suspect getting shot at a liquor store. The pic looks like a cop car in front of a fire...UH!



Got woken up this morning at 6 with the question " Did you move your car?" My reply was "what?"

Running downstairs we discovered my car had been stolen out of the driveway!!! There was another car next to it and one in the street that were not touched! I walked a few blocks and had other people drive around. Called the cops and they came a little after 7. My sister and I noticed another car sitting around the corner with it's windows open and doors unlocked. When the cop came he said that car was stolen and they most likely switched that car for mine. No windows were broken-he thinks they had a master key. Good news is he thinks it will be found since this one was. They just drove it until it ran out of gas. I found some sunglasses, a beer bottle, and gum right by it. Bad news is who knows when it will be found. He said because we noticed a car out of place that one was found fast. Just sucks mine was stolen with nothing in it. I even have my stereo's face plate with me! The car next to mine has an Ipod player hanging from the rearview mirror and stuff in it.The one in the street has CDs in the front seat and huge speakers in the back. GRRRRR!



Quick update before I get some work done.

I did get that job I was interviewing for!!! Long story but I got it, then I didn't, but then I did! Lots of waiting and frustration. Been in school almost 3 weeks now. Trying to get caught up with all this stuff I missed since I was a late hire. Which has made it stressful and busy. But it is only a year position....it's a year that I didn't have with a position that will look good on my resume. I hope it leads to another job at the school.

My friend and I went on something called Letterboxing last week. It is like geocaching but you follow clues to these home-made stamps. You leave your stamp in a notebook and place their stamp in your notebook.  You put everything back and go to the next one. It is amazing where these things are hidden! Right in the middle of everything!

Supernatural on Thursday! Wahoo! I am pumped! The gag reel on the DVD is hilarious!!!

13th vs. MBV

Ok, so I am WAAAAYYYYY behind in my movies. My sister and I FINALLY got around to renting Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine. Saw FT13 on Friday (haha) and MBV on Saturday.

I have never seen any of the Jason movies so I was new coming into it and had nothing to compare it to. Overall I did not like it. Too slow, too perdictible, too much language, sex, drugs, and alcohol (I sound like a grandma). I just thought it took away from liking the characters and the "story-line." I did think Jared did great in his role but didn't like too much else.

MBV I was not able to see it in 3D as the rental box had no glasses with it. Eventhough there was nothing popping out at me, I still enjoyed it. I thought there was a story line and the characters were relateable. I also loved the twist! Was not expecting that!

Glad I am catching up on my movies. Now to get to the theater to see Transformers!!


I'm Out!

Peace ya'll! Wait, I am not from Texas. *clears throat*

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! My first day off from my 2 jobs since New Years! I am pumped! Headed to Utah to see my best friend! What will we do....who knows!

I am so far behind on posts and I will be gone for 4 days....I miss what you are all saying! Hope everyone is well! Have fun!


Not My Book!!!

I ordered the SPN Companion for Season 3 through Amazon. They sent it on the 1st and sent me a little tracking code. I have not received it so I logged in to see where it was. According to the tracking, it was delivered to my house yesterday......

Um.... I don't have it. So, I just got off the phone with the post office. The lady was nice and said the carrier was not there and to call back Monday. What do you think they can do? Nothing? I have a feeling I am out that money...  *cries*


Sitting here printing a bunch of resumes for the Teacher's Fair I am attending next Saturday. I am nervous. I think main reason is my old school district is going to be there. Now it comes down to getting what I need to get done and avoiding them. I really don't want to see them and I don't want them to see me. Such a sad time when you thought teaching was a safe field to get into. WRONG!

My bf FINALLY got a job! It is only seasonal but it is something. His first step to living in the real world (oh long story with him working for his mom....don't get me started!) Cool thing is it is something we both enjoy and he will be working with a friend of ours.

Snowed last night. Haven't seen that in a while and it really came down! Roads got icy pretty fast. Fun when I was out at 10 p.m. for a soccer game.

Trying to do my taxes as well. Fun times it is over here. I am starting to get a headache.

Hope all is well with everyone!!!

Random stuff

Been a few weeks that I have updated. Hope all is well for everyone.

Past 2 Supernatural's I have really enjoyed. Sad that it is on break again. We just got it back! And who's idea was it to bring back Reaper? Man that makes me mad!!!

Going to start looking for a teaching job back in the districts again. Sad with the economy. They say education is a field that is hiring...reason is they are laying off a lot of the teachers they have now and hiring people from the corporate world!! UH! My friend found out she is losing her teaching job this year. Nothing is safe.

Saw Twilight for the second time last night. Went to the dollar movies. It was pretty crowded. Interesting seeing it after reading the book and reading the 2 other books after it. We shall see what the second movie looks like.


I am here...really! Just don't get on daily like I used to. I try to at least once a week now.

Nothing like being head butted and slapped by one of your kids at school today...fun stuff! Think is it was a 3 year old too!!! CRAZY!

Supernatural in 30 minutes...WAHOO!!!

*runs out*