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March 7th, 2010


Got woken up this morning at 6 with the question " Did you move your car?" My reply was "what?"

Running downstairs we discovered my car had been stolen out of the driveway!!! There was another car next to it and one in the street that were not touched! I walked a few blocks and had other people drive around. Called the cops and they came a little after 7. My sister and I noticed another car sitting around the corner with it's windows open and doors unlocked. When the cop came he said that car was stolen and they most likely switched that car for mine. No windows were broken-he thinks they had a master key. Good news is he thinks it will be found since this one was. They just drove it until it ran out of gas. I found some sunglasses, a beer bottle, and gum right by it. Bad news is who knows when it will be found. He said because we noticed a car out of place that one was found fast. Just sucks mine was stolen with nothing in it. I even have my stereo's face plate with me! The car next to mine has an Ipod player hanging from the rearview mirror and stuff in it.The one in the street has CDs in the front seat and huge speakers in the back. GRRRRR!