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13th vs. MBV

Ok, so I am WAAAAYYYYY behind in my movies. My sister and I FINALLY got around to renting Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine. Saw FT13 on Friday (haha) and MBV on Saturday.

I have never seen any of the Jason movies so I was new coming into it and had nothing to compare it to. Overall I did not like it. Too slow, too perdictible, too much language, sex, drugs, and alcohol (I sound like a grandma). I just thought it took away from liking the characters and the "story-line." I did think Jared did great in his role but didn't like too much else.

MBV I was not able to see it in 3D as the rental box had no glasses with it. Eventhough there was nothing popping out at me, I still enjoyed it. I thought there was a story line and the characters were relateable. I also loved the twist! Was not expecting that!

Glad I am catching up on my movies. Now to get to the theater to see Transformers!!