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Update on car

So here is an update:

I was watching the 9p.m. news last night and they had this story at the top of the hour about a stolen car that was being pursued that went after cops and was shot at. All they mentioned was it was a Subaru. I thought "hm, what are the odds it could be mine?" A neighbor called and said another station said it was a green Subaru. "Hm, I have a green Subaru...."

I jumped online and found a story about it but just mentions how the stolen car rammed a couple of cars when the cops were going after it and went driving towards the cops so they shot at it. So, I stayed up until 10 when all the news channels were on. Found one that showed the car.....IT WAS MINE! Had my sticker on it, dash cover, and license plate!!! Drivers side looked fine but then they panned over to the windshield and there were BULLET HOLES all over it!!! Apparently the suspects were shot and abandoned the car a few miles away. One suspect was caught because he showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounds.

I was up ALL night! Waiting for the cops to call...they never did. I called them this morning with no answers...all they said was it was still listed as stolen. Finally got a detective to call me back around lunch and confirmed it was my car. They have to go through it for evidence and get the bullets out...then it's mine. Oh joy! Nothing like finding your car by watching the news and seeing it damaged! UH!

News story is on www.cbs4denver.com go to the video link on the right side and click on local news. Scroll a little to the right and it is the story about the suspect getting shot at a liquor store. The pic looks like a cop car in front of a fire...UH!